Posted by: Jim Blahut | February 1, 2010


For about twelve years I have been building vacation homes on Long Beach Island, New Jersey, mostly in the quaint town of Beach Haven.  From the beginning my purpose was to explore the concept of durable construction methods reminiscent of those from the past.  The sticking point however is finding ways to maintain the authentic look and feel without the costly upkeep.

This is reflected in everything I have done as it relates to my passion as a builder. To start with, the naming of my company, Perennial Homes was rooted in this mindset.  The word perennial refers to something that is continual, enduring and never failing.  Over the years, the product I have developed is the “perennial home”.  It is my answer to durable construction along the Jersey coast.

The historic town of Beach Haven had been my summer vacation destination from the age of 4 or 5.  There is no doubt that experience shaped my appreciation for residential homes and their construction.   It was obvious these older Beach Haven homes were different from my home and those I was most familiar with and I always took a liking to them.  It seemed to me most people also appreciated a certain charm to them and it was further understood they were from a time past, one very different when considering how a home was built.  When I was older, I could not help wondering how and why they fell out of favor, no longer being the norm.

The answer to that question has been the driving force behind my development as a builder and is discussed further in the postings to follow.

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