Posted by: Jim Blahut | February 17, 2010


There is little doubt where my passion lies.  It is an understatement to say I enjoy what I do.  People’s passions are as wide ranging as people are themselves but I believe all people can relate to building or otherwise creating something of their own.   Further a relationship exists between a home and its owner.  For example, like playing an instrument is to the craft of a musician, he is not satisfied with simply imitating what others have already accomplished, but rather he is driven to create something unique and new.  This analogy can be made regarding the innovation that takes place with almost anything people take an interest in.  For me it has always been “building stuff”.  My passion was apparent; always willing to help Dad on his latest project around the house or whatever I could involve myself in.  It seemed a path in the field of construction was to be my future.

Although my formal education is in commercial/industrial construction engineering, I have always been drawn to residential architecture and construction, especially that of older homes.  Upon graduation I chose to pursue my own business as a homebuilder hoping to make some contribution to the industry along the way.  My objective was to develop a new comprehensive approach to building exteriors; one that allows for quality and substance like that of older homes without the costly upkeep generally associated with them.  However, limited options of today’s materials hinder the ability to craft a building’s architecture.

A truly custom home is designed and built to reflect the taste of its owner.  It should be part of their legacy to be passed on to future generations to enjoy.  Unfortunately, the modern convention of home construction produces less durable buildings.  It is not uncommon for a home built 20 or 30 years ago to be in need of considerable repair and upkeep.  However, houses built 60 or more years ago seem to be doing just as well if not better.  That should not be.  A solution to that shortcoming has been the focus of my passion to improve the status quo of the custom home construction industry.

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